I’m Anna Loverus, a data-driven strategist and management consultant based in Stockholm.

I live in two worlds. One is the world of marketing and communication, where I mostly spend my days with strategy. Sometimes I also get to write copy, or produce podcasts.

My second one is the world of data and technology. Here I get to automate tedious tasks, uncover insights in large datasets and write basic code.

I’m at my best when these worlds mix.

I focus on helping people and businesses use data and technology to reach their business goals. I believe people and processes are both key when building exceptional digital brands.

Do you want help to reach your goals?

Some of my recent projects

Some things I’ve written

How great data make great stories

Great stories need data, and most data need storytelling to get comprehensible by a larger mass. They’re a match made in heaven, but how does it work?