A Sunday routine that’ll give you a head start on your work week


Preparation is key to performance. This is my Sunday routine, and it’s a very simple way to prepare for a week at work.

The 5 simple steps in my Sunday routine

1. Check that nothing is due on Monday. Any deadlines or meetings that need preparation? Check again. I try to use my Monday’s for weekly meetings and routine work, but it’s always nice to be on top of things.

2. Write down due dates for the rest of the week. I’m always making sure that my Google calendar continues everything happening during the upcoming week. If I need to re-schedule something or if the week is  But I also use a bullet journal for all tasks. You can use pretty much any system you want, but this works for me – digital and analogue combined.

3. Pack your bag. Phone, keys, pens and everything else. I have a briefcase that I call Bosse that I pack every Sunday evening.

4. Pamper yourself. Take a bath, have a long shower, etc. I usually wash my hair, put on a mask (the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack from Glossier) and go to bed early. Sometimes I paint my nails.

5. Pre-select outfits based on the weather. This is one I’m awful at myself. I usually just wear a black merino sweater, black pants, jeans or a skirt. But I usually make sure that everything is clean and ironed etc.

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Happy Birthday to me!

birthday presents

Today is my birthday. I’ve been celebrated by loved ones all day. But you should always make sure to celebrate your birthday the way you want it – and give yourself a present or two.

Birthday presents from me to me

This year I’m buying myself a pair of winter gloves because Stockholm is starting to get freezing. I’ve found the Moon Light Mitt from Hestra to be my perfect choice. It’s both practical and comfortable, with a very soft leather in the palm. But at the same time, they’re very discrete; they don’t look like a skiing glove.

The scented candle from Herb Essentls has been on my radar for a while. No time is better for lighting candles than December, and this one has a mature scent, not cute but still friendly. I’m usually not a person buying scented candles, but I think the combination of attractive graphic design and a scent that feels more like home than other scented candles.

Finally, I’m buying myself a stock. Investments make the best presents, and when you’re the birthday girl, you’ll get the yield some day.

Today’s birthday celebrations

I have celebrated all day, starting with a generous birthday breakfast with presents and great coffee. Now I’m drinking champagne and eating oysters while listening to the kitchen conversation between two people I care about a lot. We’re waiting for the bouillabaisse to finish cooking.

Why you should have stickers on your laptop


This tip is probably the simplest one I will ever give you; If you have a laptop – put some stickers on it. You might say “only geeks have stickers on their laptops”. And while that might be true there’s a real reason you should copy them immediately. The difference a couple of stickers can make is palpable.

It’s a growing problem with physical tampering. Governments, corporate competitors or data thieves all do it. They might be looking for sensitive data to sell or to install malware on your computer. If you have stickers on your laptop, they can’t copy everything you have on your drive to another identical machine with malware installed. That’s just basic computer security.

Do I have to care about this?

You might think this sounds crazy. But people travelling to China have reported problems with both data theft and hardware tampering. You can always encrypt your drive and use strong passwords to keep casual thieves out. But travelling gives someone with evil intentions many opportunities to compromise your laptop.

And there is a lot more than just stickers that can help reduce your risk when you are travelling. Wired have written more about that here, but one secret is glitter nail polish.

The hassle of adding some stickers to your laptop is minimal compared to the alternative. To get your computer installed with malware, or to get it compromised in any way is not fun. And if you have sensitive information on your drive getting it stolen can damage the company you work for, your clients or you directly.

5 things I don’t do to save money every month


Not spending money is the easiest way to save money. But what are the things you can cut out in your everyday life? Here’s what I’ve decided not to do in my daily life, to spend less every month. My money guidelines so to say.

1. Have a lot of money on the account connected to my debit card

If you always have a lot of money – until you don’t – you’ll never really think about how you spend them. But if you only have a small amount to spend you will actively start to think about the way you spend every dollar. This makes a very large difference when you do it for a longer time.

2. Dye my hair

The amount of money I used to spend on my hair. Crazy! Sure, most of want to look good, but I can easily make spend that money wiser than on hair care. Because the thing is that, if you dye your hair, you’ll also have to cut your hair more often and spend more time and money at taking care of it. Dyeing and bleaching will break it your hair eventually and you will spend a lot of money but your hair will still get sad… So, if you can accept your natural hair colour, you will save a lot of money and you will stick look nice.

3. Buy takeaway coffee

A simple takeaway coffee every weekday is almost 50 dollars each month. If you just drink that cup of coffee at home or at the office, there’s a lot of money to save. The only time I buy coffee at a café is usually if I spend my day working away from the office. But we make sure to buy high-quality coffee and we brew it carefully in a Hario brewer. It tastes a lot better and we save a lot of money every month. This was the first

4. Have a gym card

At times I feel like I should join a gym or take fitness classes. But I almost always end up not going. I prefer running, swimming and doing yoga at home. The problem with many gym cards is that you have to pay a monthly fee for at least a year, and that makes it hard to motivate when you don’t really go a few times every week, all year round. Now I pay for each visit, so I can still go when I want to, but this new strategy saves me a lot of money every year.

5. Eat breakfast away from home

Almost like the no-takeout-coffee-rule I only eat breakfast at home. We make sure to buy really good bread, avocado, quality coffee, the yoghurt and fresh fruit etc. and the amount we spend per person is not near to what it costs to eat breakfast at a café or a restaurant. The money we save goes to a virtual breakfast budget for when we’re travelling, so we eat really nice breakfast a couple of times a year.

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10 Monthly Goals for December 2016


This blog is part of me finding out what I want to do in my life. Setting monthly goals is part of that process. I have one large (and, at the moment, secret) goal that I will take a large step towards in December. But I’ve also decided on ten smaller goals that I will focus on throughout the month.

Monthly goals for December

  1. Get ten new subscribers on the monthly mailing list
  2. Get 30 steady blog readers
  3. Find my first freelance assignment
  4. Take new portraits to use for social media
  5. Set up a Facebook Page for the blog
  6. Post at least ten photos to Instagram
  7. Read at least one fictional book
  8. Write for one hour every weekday
  9. Work out three times every week
  10. Have a relaxing Christmas vacation

The idea is that I will report back to you every month when I’m setting the goals for next month. But I don’t have any goals from the previous month.

The primary focus will always be on work-related goals, but I will have at least a couple related to my health and wellbeing. You can’t do one without the other.

Some goals are very specific while others are broader and more focused on creating a habit. I don’t necessarily care about what type of writing I do every day, as long as I write. I want to get the continuity and to improve my writing, but I don’t have a book to finish.

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