As an independent consultant, I don't offer a standardised set of products.

But, many of my projects have two things in common:

  • It's not a well-defined project with a detailed project description when we first meet
  • I work closely with you and your team over time

The type of work I do:

  • Strategy
    Strategy is essential in reaching any business objective. It should address people, processes and technology. We believe that the best strategies come from clear goals, an open mind, and close collaboration with clients.​
  • Analysis
    We use both quantitative and qualitative methods to help you understand and reach your audience — our work range from single time reviews to building dashboards that bring your team daily insight.​
  • Excecution
    Strategies are useless until you implement the ideas in your organisation. We focus on operationalisation – building new processes within your organisation, implementing new tools, and educating your team.​
  • Education
    We create custom training set-ups for our clients, we educate college students in business development and digital marketing, and we run open sessions in digital analytics or business development.