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Social Media Risks and how to avoid them

Social Media Risks and How to Protect Yourself Online

With all the information we give the social networks, the more information they have about us, to hold and use as they please. People are becoming more aware of social media risks, but what risks are there?

/ March 20, 2018

Two-factor authentication for beginners

Databases will always get hacked. Passwords will sometimes get into the wrong hands. You should, therefore, make sure to have a system that reduces the damage a leaked password can create. Two-factor authentication is a way to decrease the risk.

/ March 14, 2018

The difference between an offline and online audience

Most people working with marketing audiences today build an online audience like they used to build audiences for the offline world. But audiences don't translate very well between the two contexts.

/ February 28, 2018

Därför ska du inte ta debatten med rasisterna på Facebook

Det är många som funderar på hur de kan bidra till ett bättre debattklimat på nätet. Här är några konkreta förslag på vad du kan göra.

/ November 29, 2017

Därför är Filterbubblan inte det vi borde prata om

Begreppet filterbubbla har blivit allt vanligare för att beskriva ett suboptimalt internet. Problemet är bara att många inte vet vad en filterbubbla är.

/ November 24, 2017

How we use Slack at home

Me and my boyfriend decided to create a private Slack-team for all our digital conversations. Using it to communicate outside a typical work setting felt like a chance. But it still works well a year later.

/ November 15, 2015