Are you tired of doing boring tasks? Like cleaning data, or connecting APIs together or building automated email feeds?

Let me do it instead!

Some people find it hard, data and technology. Others just find it boring. Both are okay and pretty common.

Because I — Anna Loverus — will happily connect your APIs together, calculate the ROI on your marketing campaigns, or analyse how your audience engage with your content online.

While I do this, you can spend your time on what you are good at, and the stuff like to do. That sounds fair, right?

But, who am I?

I’m Anna Loverus, and I’m a digital strategist. Every day I help people and businesses to use technology to reach their goals. I do this as an independent consultant, by giving courses and workshops, and by writing in my blog.

  • For ten years I’ve helped organisations use the internet, new technology and data to improve their business goals
  • With a background in both business and behavioural science I understand consumer behaviours, both online and offline, and I know how businesses can use those behaviours to reach their goals

I’ve previously been working with social marketing for Spotify and been part of the team behind KIT. My work has been featured on Swedish television, Swedish radio and in newspapers such as Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter and Metro.

And when I don't work?

I’m a runner, and wine drinker (currently a big Barbera fan). I live in Stockholm in a small apartment with a large balcony and a decent view. I don’t have a physical office.

I take too long in the shower. And I treasure open APIs, algorithms, human behaviour, hidden bookstores and coffee. I also have a thing for pens.

How can I help?

  • Are you trying to understand what efforts that create positive results for your business?
  • Are you looking to create and/or implement a new digital strategy?
  • Would you like to update the analytical skill set among the people in your team?
  • Do you need better audiences or segmentation for your online advertising campaigns?
  • Are you looking to monitor your performance in real-time with dashboards?
  • Are you planning to implement Marketing Technology tools (Martech) or data-driven processes within either your team or the whole organisation?
  • Would you like to automate the tasks you find boring, like monthly reports?

Still curious?


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