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Weekly reads: Pt. 1 – Internet and China

Teens on Tumblr, animals on social media and two posts about the young Chinese. This is the first post with my weekly reads, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens“They are the most brilliant digital strategists,” she said. These teens are better marketers than anyone else in the game right now “Tumblr teens have an advantage that makes them good at digital strategy: an advanced emotional intelligence.”

The highly profitable, deeply adorable, and emotionally fraught world of Instagram’s famous animals“Even pets with relatively middling-sized followings have access to opportunities human fame-seekers would envy: product lines, endorsements, guest appearances, and endless freebies.”

On China’s rich kids heading west: The Golden Generation“President Xi Jinping has spoken of the need to “guide the younger generation of private-enterprise owners to think where their money comes from and live a positive life,” and the government recently held an educational retreat for seventy children of billionaires, who were given a crash course in traditional Chinese values and social responsibility.”

For China’s upper middle class, driving for Uber is a cure for loneliness“Uber offers an intimate space for two people to chitchat for a few minutes without having to worry how to end the conversation nicely, or whether you have to meet again, unless you really want to.”