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Connecting the dots – or the watch

Yesterday’s launch of the Apple Watch was a new injection to the debate about wearables and the consequences they may have on our lives and brains. Some people state naïve opinions about how this will be the end of us knowing anything ourselves, while others believe we will all die from technology intoxication. I’m disappointed […]

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Rist Kaffebar Copenhagen

Copenhagen: Rist Kaffebar


Copenhagen is a city for me to explore a lot more, but from now on I’ll always visit this little coffee bar when I’m in the Vesterbro area.

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Festival: Way Out West 2014 – and all the ladies!

Three days of music at the Swedish west coast. Artists like Mø, Elliphant, Silvana Imam and Robyn. A great ending to this summer…

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Trying to help is not a help


“Smart” digital tools are popping up everywhere right now. But if I as a user can’t take your smart idea and fully integrate it into my current ecosystem you’re actually not simplifying anything.

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Digital Stress – Mina tre strategier för att må bra

A text in Swedish about my experience from work related depression and how the digital stimuli affects a worn out brain.

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