One week ago I started working at Spotify in Stockholm with responsibility for social marketing in the Nordic. Moving from KIT to Spotify is, of course, a large change for me personally, since I spend my days with new colleagues working with a different brand. At the same time, I will continue to do digital marketing with content in focus, something I’ve been doing for many years now.

Working with marketing on digital platforms is, to me, a perfect mix of behavioral sciences, technology, and business. It’s the perfect way to use your understanding of people and organizations and make sure that those two benefit each other.

I especially look forward to working actively with all the Nordic markets. To understand the ways they are similar but sometimes differ. I’m part of a team located mostly in NYC with a few of us in other places, so I’ll learn about digital marketing from people all over the globe which I look forward to a lot.

I will try to share snippets of my life in this blog. Hopefully, that will be of interest.